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Orgie is intense in every good way, so we have lots of news to share you in this edition of Sugextions magazineNew products, Orgie 5th anniversary celebration, the launch of the Orgie media kit for distributors and retailers, products submitted to efficacy and safety tests, Orgie awarded again and more.

Orgie new products 

Following the 8 new products released in the first semester of 2022, Orgie started the second semester with the launch of a new product of the bestseller groundbreaking Orgie Orgasm Drop line –  Orgasm Drops Intense. Formulated to deliver intensified effects of warming sensation and higher clitoral sensibilization promoting extreme clitoral arousal and overwhelming orgasms. Its rich sweet mellow flavor of red apple was favored by the breakthrough of this new formula: it does not have traces of the characteristic taste of clove. Orgasm Drops Intense skyrocketed in all markets that we serve shortly after its launch and joined the other products in the Orgasm Drops line in terms of bestsellers and it is currently nominated for the 2023 XBIZ Awards in the category of Sex Enhancement Product of the Year. 

The next Orgie launch was actually a relaunch, the Intimus White Intimate Whitening Cream New Formula. In response to suggestions and market demand in several territories where the product Intimus White is very popular, we had it reformulated in the sense of removing its stimulating ingredients to become a milder and one-function product: an intimate whitening cream yet with the very same whitening effectiveness delivered by the 2% concentration rate of the ingredient Sepiwhite™ - the highest concentration rate recommended for this product. Among other rich ingredients, this new formula also contains Rosa Moschata seed oil which benefits the skin for its moisturizing properties. The whitening property of this product is also helps to reduce facial and hands dark spots caused by aging or sun exposure. 

Orgie Company created a mini size collection of its sensual massage oils Sexy Therapy and Tantric, both launched in November. Each of the sets contains its three body oil fragrances in 30ml bottles. Far more than trial size products, these two gorgeous collections are perfect for those who wish to have a little of all Orgie oils and take them just anywhere! And for those looking for a nice little gift, the search is over. Sexy Therapy and Tantric Mini Size Collection were first presented at eroFame 2022 resulting in more pre-orders than we could expect before the official launch, to ensure the stock demand for these new products we already have a new batch under production. 


Products submitted to dermatological, gynecological, urological, and effectiveness studies. 

The effectiveness and safety of our formulas are attested along the years that our products are on the market worldwide, having been used by millions of consumers over 60 (almost 70!) countries. In the mark of Orgie 5th anniversary, we decided to start submitting our functional products to tests developed and carried out by an independent and accredited laboratory with the aim of proving effectiveness and safety. Sexy Vibe! Liquid Vibrator, Orgasm Drops, She Spot, Touro XXXL and Time Lag were the first products submitted to the tests, all certified with high rates of approval. A summary of the tests results with a link to download the full version is available at Orgie website.


Orgie Media Kit  

We long owed an Orgie media kit for our customers as it is a great tool to display and promote our products. This year we hired a second agency to produce new video and photo contents, organized the Orgie media kit with banners, 3D images, a whole new collection of photos of each product, product’s videos, corporate video, artwork of all social network posts, magazine ads artworks, and more. This media kit will always be a work in progress as we keep feeding it with materials while our customers can access it anytime to download whatever they need. 


Orgie 5th Anniversary 

This year we celebrated Orgie 5th anniversary. We proud of what Orgie delivered and achieved along these years. Our compromise is to remain worthy of the recognition and credibility we have earned from the markets we serve, the media, our customers and consumers – all brought Orgie to its 5th anniversary together with us and we are very grateful.


Orgie scored its 5th award and is 2023 XBIZ AWARDS nominee in two categories 

Orgie awarded the 2022 EAN Erotix Sexual Wellness Company Of The Year and nominated for the 2023 XBIZ AWARDS in two categories: Orgasm Drops Intense - Best Enhancement Product Of The Year and Sex Lubricant Company Of The Year.  

Here is where we end by sending our sincere thankfulness to the Spanish market for its contribution to Orgie's successful trajectory. Orgie Company reminds the Spanish market that orders are available through our exclusive distributor for Spain Eros Distribuidor – admin@erosdistribuidor.com 

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