Orgie Company Awarded!

Erofame is one of the year's most anticipated events in the adult industry. On its 2023 edition, Orgie Company had its wide range of sensual products on display along with its 14 new additions on the spotlight, all launched this year.

Visitors flocked to Orgie's booth, eager to explore our vast array of sensual products designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure. We thank to everyone who visited our booth at Erofame 2023.

In addition to the palpable enthusiasm of eventgoers, Orgie had another reason to celebrate at Erofame 2023. We were honored with the EAN Erotix Award for "Sensual Cosmetics Company of the Year." This recognition serves as a testament to Orgie's commitment to excellence and our continuous efforts to provide customers with high-quality, pleasurable experiences. The support and enthusiasm of all our customers and consumers contribute to Orgie's continued success in the industry.

Erofame 2023 was a success for Orgie Company, and it has only fueled the anticipation for what we will unveil in the coming years. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Orgie's journey moves forward on its exciting trajectory.

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